Concert Hall

Thu 28.10. - Sat 30.10.2010, Doors 30 min before concerts start.

- Gijs Gieskes - Bruno Spoerri - Tomek Kolczynski - Matthew Herbert - Andy Votel - Analog-Visual-Labor - Harold Schellinx - Moritz von Oswald Trio - Dorian Concept - Jimmy Edgar - Juan Atkins - Chris Air - Videokultur

28. October 2010


Oy (CH)

Live 21.30 h

Zurich-based OY aka Joy Frempong is a professional jazz singer and electronic musician. Currently on tour with her debut album ʻFirst Box Then Walkʼ, out on Creaked Records, she's enthusing the press and public alike, at such illustrious venues as the Montreux Jazz Festival or Belfort's Eurockéennes Festival. The songs on her album are inspired by childhood memories, both her own and those of her friends. Using vocals, noises, and instrumental inserts recorded with loop pedals and variously interwoven, OY lends her tales a distinctive musical form, of extreme virtuosity and not without humour. In addition to her solo concert, OY will take the stage at Shift on Friday in the company of Bruno Spoerri and Flo Götte.

FRIDAY, 29. October 2010

Gijs Gieskes (NL)

Live 21:00 h

Shift is happy to welcome Gijs Gieskes, one of the busiest and most original activists on today's electro-tinkerer and circuit bending scene – the man who whips up a musical instrument from a milk whisk or toy car, in the blink of an eye. At Shift his homemade musical instruments, picture makers, and hardware hacking experiments can be seen at his concert, or experienced hands-on in the framework of the exhibition. In addition, Gieskes will run two workshops where you can build your own mini-synthesizer to his design. On stage he'll be presenting his audiovisual machine Ê»Strobovjʼ, which contains a converted Gameboy and creates parallels between animated GIF images sourced from the net and the so-called phenakistiscope, a nineteenth-century forerunner of the motion picture.  

Bruno Spoerri (CH)

Live 21.30 h
with Oy and Flo Götte - Electric Risk

Bruno Spoerri (*1935), our special guest at Shift 2010, is the most important Swiss pioneer of electronic music outside of academia. An autodidact in many respects, Spoerri ventured first into jazz, and has played and composed with successful jazz bands since the age of 17 as well as focusing on studio technology and electronic music as of 1964. In the 1970s he was Switzerland's first owner of a synthesizer system and began working with computers in the early 1980s, which lead him to develop his concept of ʻcomputer-assisted jazzʼ.

Applied music has always been a major focus for Spoerri: he has composed music for circa 500 ads and countless films. It is this music in particular, which has been rediscovered in recent years, made internationally available thanks to Andy Votel's Finders Keepers label, and acknowledged to be of great interest despite its original narrowly defined commercial context.

As a jazzman, Spoerri has always remained true to the spirit of improvisation and honed his curiosity – which is doubtless why Shift could quickly persuade him to appear with two young artists who likewise work at the interface of electronic, pop, and jazz: Joy Frempong alias Oy and Flo Götte. The three spontaneously founded a band whose name reflects that which has held Spoerri's interest for over 40 years: ʻElectric Riskʼ.


In addition to his concert, Bruno Spoerri will give a lecture on his decade-long involvement with electronic music, and show a compilation of films featuring ads, jingles, and films for which he has written the score.

Tomek Kolczynski (CH)

Live 22.30 h

Ê»Imitating the Parrotʼ is the name of Tomek Kolczynski`s alias Kold`s new performance, in which his bird takes the lead. Using his voice, a mike and a computer, Kold improvises a non-linear, idiosyncratic universe consisting of anything from atmospheric clouds of sound to grooving beats. Driven by the desire to apprehend music as a process of unexpected transformations, the parrot's deafening screeches are countered in a dialogue that interacts with a musical whole – and all this is underscored to boot, by live visuals from video artist Oguz Özlü. 

The son of a circus musician and bar pianist, Tomek Kolczynski has always defied tradition. He studied audio design in Basel and has since been on the road as a musical journeyman, collaborating with colleagues such as Stimmhorn, Lars-Ole Walburg, Lukas Bärfuss and Edgar Hagen, to name but a few.

Matthew Herbert (GB)

Live 00.00 h

Englishman Matthew Herbert, who goes also by the names Dr. Rockit, Wishmountain and Radio Boy, produces house, big band jazz and film scores. He is known also for his remixes of Björk and R.E.M. Herbert is a special kind of sampling artist, one who tries "to record the world about him whenever recording with a microphone". Herbert hopes thus to raise awareness of the origin of samples. To this end he recently produced a new recording of Mahler's 10th Symphony for the venerable label Deutsche Grammophon, namely in Tolbach, the place Mahler spent his last summer. At Shift Herbert will be presenting a sound performance based on metamorphosed atmospheric sounds, captured when he completely fitted out a club with microphones for a night.

Andy Votel (GB)

DJ 01.30 h

DJ, producer and graphic designer Andy Votel is a dab hand at tracking down special and often somewhat obscure musical documents from all over the world. On his re-issue label Finders Keepers he makes many such discoveries available to the public, among them Bruno Spoerri's music for ads, film and TV, for example, which he re-released on the compilations ʻGlückskugelʼ and ʻExtrakugelʼ.

Votel also co-founded the label Twisted Nerve (with Badly Drawn Boy) and is part of the collective B-Music (inter alia with David Holmes and Belle and Sebastian).

His DJ sets combine stuff as diverse as Pakistani synthesizer film music, Persian pop, Krautrock, British folk, Hungarian psychedelia and, yes, Spoerri's ad soundtracks – rediscovered and newly interpreted for the dance floor in a way that opens up mind-blowingly new perspectives. 

Michael Egger & Flo Kaufmann - Analog Visual Labor


Michael Egger and Flo Kaufmann create analogue visuals without using computers. Instead, they draw on old video synthesizers and other appliances from the 1970s–80s, garnered from the AktiveArchive's reference collection, and particularly on the EMS Spectre from 1974, which Kaufmann himself has restored.  In addition – as a kind of reinvention of past technology – they have built their own analogue video synthesizer, the Synkie.

Their lab can be seen from Saturday onwards also in the exhibition.

SATURDAY, 30. Oktober 2010

Harold Schellinx (NL)

Live 20:30 h

Since 2002, musician and sound artist Harold Schellinx has been collecting any music cassettes or fragments thereof that he finds on the street. His ʻFound Tape Exhibitionʼ aka archive comprises over 600 artefacts and will be on show at the Shift exhibition, where visitors can sift through them at their leisure. For the music programme Schellinx processes tape fragments from his collection live, to create a collaged concert. The wind and rain have had an effect on the tapes, audible in the chance music that ensues. The process also triggers those associations we make with music cassettes, which of course have always been more than just an audio storage medium.

Schellinx will be in conversation on Sunday afternoon in the Schaulager, to expand on what motivates his project.

Moritz von Oswald Trio (D, FIN)

Live 21.00 h

Pioneers of Berlin's electronic music scene in the early 1990s, Moritz von Oswald (Basic Channel, Rhythm And Sound), Vladislav Delay (Luomo, Sistol) and Max Loderbauer (NSI, Sun Electric) now devote themselves to reinterpreting dub electronica, a musical style rooted in Jamaican dub as well as in classical Detroit techno. The Trio fathoms the potential of live arrangements and improvisation with electro-acoustic means, analogue synthesis, and percussion. Playing with frequencies and dynamics, the trio gives rise to an infinite groove from which endlessly new melodies and rhythms ensue. The three leave themselves leeway enough for experimentation, which lends their music a refreshing candour.

Dorian Concept (A)

Live 22.30 h

Dorian Concept ranks without a shadow of a doubt among the most sought after talents on the contemporary Beat scene. He is especially renowned for his extravagant keyboard style. On videos published on YouTube under the pseudonym Yorktowncreation, Dorian Concept's fingers fly over the synthesizer at a rate that makes people think the videos have been doctored. But the man's talent is for real! He proves this inter alia by performing with Flying Lotus or at the Gilles Peterson Worldwide Music Awards. More than any of his peers, Dorian Concept epitomizes the current trend in club music towards a slower tempo that nonetheless remains lively. At Shift he will show how Dorian tone scales à la John Coltrane can be rediscovered and reinterpreted. 

Jimmy Edgar (USA)

Live 23.30 h

Jimmy Edgar
from Detroit is not only a musician, but also a successful photographer and fashion designer with his own label. Already at the age of 15 he was DJing alongside Juan Atkins and Derrick May, before causing an international sensation just a short while later with releases on WARP Records. Chipsounds and more modern R&B influences informed his debut album, ʻColor Stripʼ, while his current album, ʻXXXʼ, is more a homage to 1980s Funk, as the excessive use of synth stabs and wide clap sounds makes patently clear. However Jimmy Edgar reveals his qualities not only as a producer but above all as a performer, when he arranges his pieces for vocals and keyboards live.

Juan Atkins (USA)

DJ 00.30 h

Juan Atkins (Cybotron, Model 500) is widely regarded as the inventor of techno music. Together with Derrick May and Kevin Saunderson, he brought Detroit techno to the planet. In the early 1980s Atkins was inspired above all by the radio broadcasts of Charles ʻElectrifying Mojo' Johnson, who played European records, particularly Kraftwerk's, in addition to American funk and soul. It was this music mix that influenced Atkin's own productions. It's therefore no surprise that ʻTechno Cityʼ from 1984, one of his most successful EPs ever, sounds like a fusion of funk, soul, and the Kraftwerkian cosmos. Juan Atkins later founded the label ʻMetroplexʼ, which made numerous Detroit artists internationally famous.

Chris Air (CH)

DJ 02.30 h

Chris Air
began his career as a DJ in the late 1980s and became known to a broader public in the 1990s under the pseudonym Sir Djance. At that time he also became active as a producer and founded the duo “U3Tʼ, whose mix-tapes made quite a splash, also beyond Swiss borders. After several years as a regular guest musician at the FBJ Parties in Planet E, Chris Air himself began to organise regular events. In the year 2000 he founded the party label “Glücksscherbenʼ, which played a considerable role in establishing minimal techno on the Swiss scene. He also produced numerous tracks such as the ʻGlücksscherben EPʼ on the Eintakt label in 2006. At Shift Chris Air will delve into his endless trove of past treasures and spin us a set.

Videokultur (CH)


Videokultur is an association of VJs, including the crews Bildstörung (ZH), Kim & Jim (LU), Pixelpunx (AG / BS), Projektil (ZH), Suffix (LU) and Undef (BS). Since it was founded in 2007, Videokultur has organised regular events such as the VJ group meet or the VJ camp for visual artists, musicians and an interested public. Projects are presented, new concepts tried out and collaborations built up at such venues, while the recently launched assures VJs similar opportunities in an online format. At Shift the Pixelpunx will contribute visuals to Dorian Concept, the Bildstörung crew visuals to the DJ sets of Juan Atkins and Chris Air.