Thu 29.10. - Sat 30.10.2010

Thursday, 28. October 2010

Elia Rediger (CH)

live 20.30h

Basel artist and musician Elia Rediger is known for actions by which he stages pop music as art. The ʻUnique Copy Albumʼ action carried out with his band ʻThe Bianca Storyʼ caused quite a stir, for example, for they had a gallery auction off the sole copy of their album. At Shift he will present the action ʻSwap Dance or Swap The Captainsʼ in cooperation with other musicians. The audience can thereby choose between two variations on a concert: it can be experienced either live and without amps or listened to via headphones as a real time mashup of lost & found fragments with a Beat bass-line – an open invitation to dance and rave.

Friday, 29. October 2010

Creaked Records (CH)

From 21:00 h

Creaked Records, the label of Leo Wannaz of Lausanne, currently counts as one of the freshest and most innovative electronic labels in Switzerland. For the Shift headphone concerts Wannaz has compiled a special programme and will be presenting the following artists:

Joe Galen (GB)

live 21:00 h

Joe Galen is the solo project of Joe Lindley from Manchester, whose music might best be classified as electro folk. His songs are personal narratives that he performs alone, interweaving numerous layers of acoustic guitar, piano and other instruments, then enhancing the lot with some processed samples. The simplicity of his pieces is simultaneously mellifluous and fresh, yet also contrasted sharply by complex arrangements; and that is how he conjures an extraordinarily original and personal world when live on stage. .

Consor (CH)

live 21:45 h

is the project of musician Samuel Vaney, who hails from Romandie and has released work since 2005 on Creaked Records. He plays a number of instruments well and also often works with field recordings garnered all over Europe over a two-year period. His compositions consist inter alia of deconstructed rhythms, dreamy melodies and infinite soundscapes, which he interweaves live, wrapping his audience in a cinematic trip.

Scout Klas (S)

DJ 22:30 h

Mai Nestor who was born in Hanoi and grew up in Sweden began with classical piano at an early age, but soon switched to guitar. In 2005 with a kid's guitar and an MP3 player she began recording lo-fi compositions, which she published on MySpace. These created a sensation and she received many invitations, which she initially did not accept, however. She subsequently lived in Paris, where she came to know numerous artists and collectors who introduced her to psychedelic and obscure rarities. Since then she has experimented with samples from dark and ghostly soundscapes, and created pieces that she personally describes as ʻoff beat horrorʼ.

Julien Aubert (CH)

live 23:30 h

Julien Aubert
from Vevey grew up in an indie rock scene and took a while to find his way into electronic music. Today he produces minimalist techno, ambient and downtempo as well as experimental electronica, all of it thoroughly striking owing to a richness of detail and finely nuanced production. And with a background in painting, he designs the album sleeves too.

Saturday, 30. October 2010

Tidal Friction kuratiert von Pei & Kiilo (CH)

Ab 21:30 h

ʻTidal Friction – an acoustic poem composed of field recordings and soundscapes from Switzerland, Europe, Taiwan, Asia, and beyondʼ is the title of a series of headphone concerts, compiled by Pei and Kiilo.


21:30 h

Acoustic poems based on the selected poem entitled “Tidal Friction” of Tsai Wan-Shuen, made during Soundscape module of playaround workshop – DIWO culture.

Kiilo (D / CH)

live 22:30 h

Kiilo aka Tobias Hoffman is a physicist, teacher and media artist. He will compose an acoustic journey based on signals that are not intended for us, and thereby listen to machines empathetically.

Stini Arn (CH)

live 23:00 h

Stirni Arn is a Swiss artist who caught the public eye recently, thanks to a project involving a weaving loom converted into a musical instrument, on which numerous artists have carried out acoustic and visual experiments. At Shift she will present a composition with the title ʻMali and Loomʼ.

Barrie James Sutcliffe/ You Are Dissolved (CDN / S)

live 23:30 h

„You are dissolved“
is a project from media artist Barrie James Sutcliffe, who works with sound, text and machines. At Shift he will present his experimentation with radio broadcasts, a project that aims to illustrate the loss of information.

Preslav Literary School (GB / D)

live 00:00 h

Preslav Literary School presents ʻMagnetic Ghostsʼ, a collage of lost, lent and found cassettes, which is dedicated to exploring the fascination of the frequencies and range of the compact cassette. The live transmission, transfer and manipulation of various source materials add up to a riveting composition.

Pei (TW / CH / S)

live 00:30 h

presents a composition with the title ʻAcoustic Memoriesʼ, in which sounds of natural phenomena, human activities and small talk occur. She will use field recordings as the seeds of compositional elements and thereby attempt to once again lift the lid on the moment the recordings were made.