Shift @ Schaulager

Schaulager closes the gap between the traditional work of a museum and a university's spheres of activity, thereby opening up new perspectives and opportunities in dealing with visual artworks.


During the festival Schaulager will now for the second time host the Shift programme of film and video screenings and lectures, which was compiled in cooperation with Prof. Dr. Ute Holl, Head of the Department of Media Sciences at the University of Basel.

Schaulager is a unique place where art is seen and thought about differently. Built primarily around the Emanuel Hoffmann Foundation, whose collection is stored professionally at Schaulager, under optimal climatic conditions and in such a way as to remain available for conservation, teaching and research purposes, Schaulager is first and foremost the answer to the old and new demands of safeguarding works of visual art.

Schaulager is situated only a few hundred metres from the Shift Festival Centre, a distance easily covered on foot. In addition, a shuttle bus operates between the two venues at regular intervals throughout the Festival period.

The programme at the Schaulager
Film, Video & Lectures

The Shift shop with books and records by Stampa & Plattfon

The Schaulager will present several positions from the
Emanuel Hoffmann-Foundation like works from Tacita Dean, Jeff Wall, David Claerbout and Bill Viola.