Exhibition Hall

Thu 28.10. - So 31.10.2010

Workshop 1

Build Your Own Sound Machine or Mini Robot

DIY Makeaway with the Swiss Mechatronic Art Society

Thu 20.00–23.00 h
Fri 17.00–23.00 h
Sat 14.00–23.00 h
Sun 11.00–18.00 h

Under the competent guidance of the Swiss Mechatronic Art Society (SMAS) electro-tinkerers one can solder an electronic toy or instrument in around 45 minutes.

No previous experience required.
Materials fee:
CHF 10.– bis 20.–


Workshop 2

Building Synthesizers & Circuit Bending

Sat 16.00-19.00 h
Sun 14.00-17.00 h

Gijs Gieskes' crazy instruments and converted Gameboys can be experienced in the exhibition and in concert (Fri 20.30 h), but in his workshops you too can Do It Yourself with one of the most exciting minds on the international DIY scene. Build one of his designs, the ʻCappuccino-Synthʼ for example, made from an electric milk whisk, or the ʻHard-Soft-Synthʼ, a high-performance experimental synthesizer with a sequencer.Gieskes is also a dab hand at circuit bending, manipulating old electronic toys and instruments to conjure completely unaccustomed sounds that the manufacturers never intended. So bring along some old gear to convert, and learn some tips and tricks from Gieskes.

No previous experience required.
Materials fee:
From CHF 15.-



Workshop 3

Shift-Kids: Make roboters from electronic junk

Workshop with Atelier Recycling@rt for kids aged 6+

Fri 12.00–18.00 h
12.00–18.00 h
Sun 12.00–16.00 h

Something new can emerge from a bunch of old keyboards, circuit boards, cables, ball bearings, resistors and other bits of electronic junk. Participants can make a technoid fantasy creature and take the results home afterwards. They also get to learn about technology's other face, namely about this type of delicate equipment's short-lived existence and the havoc it wreaks when it lands on the junk heap.

No previous experience required.

Materials fee:

CHF 5.–