The Shift Festival did take place

from October 27 - 30, 2011.

The theme 2011 was:

Of Birds and Wires. Electrified Voices.


Download the programme (300 kb)

The 5th Anniversary Edition of the Shift Festival of Electronic Arts turns the spotlight on musical and artistic experiments with electrified voices, in concerts, exhibitions, performances, film and video screenings, workshops and lectures.

Besides the 3-day concert programme, the art and a programme of performance and video and film screenings in the neighbouring venue Schaulager, the Festival once again provides art school students with a platform for work on the Festival theme under the title Shift in Progress.

Newcomers on board this year are the Swiss Electronic Music network and Electron, our partner festival from Geneva, both of which have compiled a complementary concert programme; and V2 Rotterdam presents an exhibition in the framework of the 10th international conference on Mixed and Augmented Reality aka ISMAR, which takes place this year in Basel.