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Thu        20.00 – 22.00 h

Fri          20.30 – 04.00 h

Sat         20.30 – 04.00 h

Doors 30 min before concerts start.

The Shift concert programme explores the diverse spectrum of expression open to the human voice in electronic music. Besides song and choral speaking, the voice can be heard also in its role as an electrically modified instrument. Voices are recorded and reproduced, melodiously modified or rhythmically decomposed, to say nothing of numerous other means of altering and alienating their resonance. The main programme takes place in the large concert hall, which is to say our usual concert venue on the Dreispitz site.

Compiled by Jean-Marc Galler.


Thursday: Dave Tompkins - Rico Loop

Friday: Buvette - Gazelle Twin - Nite Jewel - Matias Aguayo - Robag Wruhme - Die Vögel

Saturday: Ben Hereth - Holy Other - Ghostpoet - Cooly G - Tim Exile - Hudson Mohawke - Ikonika

Thursday, 27 October 2011

Dave Tompkins (USA)

DJ 20.00 h

There are few people know as much about the vocoder as American journalist Dave Tompkins (who writes inter alia for ‘The Wire’, ‘Vibe’, ‘Wax Poetics’). His book ‘How to Wreck a Nice Beach’ is an exuberantly rich factual history of this device, from encryption technology in the Second World War to hip-hop, from the Vietnam War and Kraftwerk, to Cybotron and Rammellzee. In addition to his lecture on Friday evening (Schaulager Fri 19.30 h), he will enrich Shift’s opening night with an exclusive DJ set with vocoder pieces.

Rico Loop (DE)

Live 21.00 h

Born in East Berlin as the son of a musician, Rico Diessner decided to explore the world after the fall of the Berlin Wall. He toured the world for several years and got to know not only countries and their people during his travels, but also various styles of music, which he adopted in spontaneous jams and as a street musician. In 2004, he discovered the Loop Station, a guitar pedal that makes it possible to record track over track until a complete piece of music is created. Before the eyes of his audience, he sings, scats and beatboxes live, track on track, pulling further loops around his audience until he has them finally, completely under his spell.

FRIDAY, 28 October 2011

Buvette (CH)

Live 20.30 h

Buvette is the pseudonym of Cédric Streuli, who caused quite a stir with his debut album, ‘House and Voices’, on the Swiss label Rowboat Records. Streuli was previously the drummer in the highly successful Swiss pop-rock band ‘The Mondrian’, which he left in 2010, in order to devote himself intensively to his solo career. A short time later he presented his album on which there are eight songs lovingly composed using classic synthesizers, old drum machines and his poignant voice.

Gazelle Twin (UK)

Live 21.30 h

Gazelle Twin is the project of British singer Elizabeth Walling, who released her debut album ‘The Entire City’ on her own label ‘Anti-Ghost Moon-Ray Records’ in July. Besides composing and publishing the songs and music, Walling also designed the graphics, video and costumes. In her music she reflects medieval chants, evoking surreal images, and she attempts to deconstruct gender roles with her costumes and estranged vocals. Walling has succeeded in creating a work of art we will certainly hear more about in the future. As the BBC wrote: ‘The Mercury Prize panel lists should probably pencil her in for 2013’s shortlist today (...).’

Nite Jewel (US)

Live 22.30 h

Nite Jewel is the five-member band of Californian singer and composer Ramona Gonzales, who with her recently released EP ‘It Goes Through Your Head’, once again caused a sensation worldwide. Certain tracks on this record were created in collaboration with Samps or Dâm Funk while under the bandname ‘Nite Funk’, a further album with Dâm Funk, is due for release on the legendary Californian record label Stones Throw. In addition, Ramona is currently working with Prince on Johnny Cash covers, which will be released in 2012 on Secretly Canadian Records.

Matias Aguayo (CL)

Live 24.00 h

Born in Chile and raised in Cologne, musician and vocalist Matias Aguayo released his first record in 1998 with Michael Mayer under the project name ‘Zimt’. From the beginning, he was one of the protagonists of the Cologne scene that was later to cause a sensation the world over, under the name ‘minimal techno’. After hitting the big time in Cologne, he returned to Latin America and found new inspiration in Buenos Aires. He organised so-called BumBumBox-Parties there, free street parties where everyone brings his own radio. His recently released EP, ‘I Don’t Smoke’, out on Kompakt, tells the tale.

Robag Wruhme (DE)

DJ-Set 01.00 h

Robag Wruhme is the pseudonym of DJ and musician Gabor Schablitzki who, along with his partner Sören Bodmer aka Monkey Mafia, makes up the legendary DJ duo Wighnomy Brothers. In 2009, however, after 17 years of cooperation, the two decided to go their separate ways in order to devote more time to their own projects. On ‘Thora Vukk’, his latest release, the titles are reminiscent of Dadaist anagrams, and certainly conceal more than mere parodies of contemporary dance music. Robag Wruhme has produced persuasive and extremely atmospheric tracks, on which he often used voices, sounds and other field recordings from his own life and surroundings.

Die Vögel (DE)

Live 03.00 h

Die Vögel is the project of musicians James Siebels and Mense Reents, who present live minimal techno at its best by using numerous instruments such as tuba, trombone and trumpet as support. This initially simple concept develops such energy during live performances that audiences regularly get completely out of hand. Die Vögel are not only a spectacular live act, but also publish their music on Pampa Records, Stefan aka DJ Koze Kozalla’s label. They recently released their second album ‘Face Goulash’. Its peculiar lyrics and the accompanying video could be construed as an homage to Dadaism.

SATURDAY, 29 October 2011


Ben Hereth (DE/CH)

Live 20.30 h

Ben Hereth is a composer, musician, sound & laptop artist and performer. In 2004 he was founder of Castor Pollux & The Soul Department. Their first single was released on tramp records with soulful afro funk tracks like Gnaoua and Afrika sun, followed by a single with Voodoo and Gimme love. Ben is playing multiple instruments like drums, percussion, guitare, bass but also did the vocals on Castor Pollux. In Savannahstan by the Whitefield Brothers he is featured on the drums. Joyful Acousmony (joyful acousmatic ceremony), his latest project, is a solo live performance. On stage he plays and mixes his dense arrangements, melting colorful floating soundscapes and driving rhythms to a sound-alchemist and acousmatic ceremony.

Holy Other (UK)

Live 21.30 h

Sombre voices, slow rhythms and deep bass sounds characterize the aesthetics of the mysterious musician Holy Other. Together with Balam Acab, oOoOo and How To Dress Well, he represents the Tri Angle Records label from New York. This label is responsible for a new, distinctive sound that sounds like indie-rock with R & B influences. Yet Holy Other and his colleagues do not want to fit right into this new genre, which became known also under the names drag or witch house. Their music is not so superficial and put-on, but rather seduces through its restrained and dreamy atmosphere. These qualities distinguish the music of Holy Other in particular, with quite remarkable intensity.

Ghostpoet (UK)

Live 22.30 h

Ghostpoet is the rising star in the British MC heavens. Only recently, Mike ‘The Streets’ Skinner named Ghostpoet as his current favourite MC, while Gilles Peterson has been giving this young MC intensive airplay on BBC Radio 1 for a while now. His debut album ‘Melancholy Blues & Peanut Butter Jam’ brings together many musical styles in one natural, unique whole, without ever being tedious or seeming to be put-on. No wonder his album was nominated this year for the most important British music award, the Mercury Prize.

Cooly G (UK)

Live 24.00 h

Cooly G is a British deep house, UK funky and dubstep producer. In 2009, she released her first tracks on her own label Dub Organizer. The album ‘Narst / Love Dub’, for which she earned great respect in the UK bass music scene, followed shortly thereafter on Kode 9’s prestigious Hyperdub label. In her productions, she often uses her own voice, which she implements as singular phrases, sometimes edited beyond all recognition. Because of this, her voice has even been confused with that of the famous soul singer Jill Scott. Besides working as a producer, she is also a sought-after DJ and is booked around the globe. At the Shift Festival, she will play her new live set.

Tim Exile (UK)

Live 01.00 h

Musician and software developer Tim Exile has been at the forefront for years when it comes to creatively linking technology and performance. Just recently, he created an online TV platform, which makes it possible for viewers/listeners to record their own soundclips and send them to Tim Exile during a performance, so that he can promptly process them live. Furthermore, Tim Exile has developed an audio effect plugin called ‘The Mouth’, which enables anyone to alter his voice or use it as an instrument.

Hudson Mohawke (UK)

DJ-Set 02.00 h

Hudson Mohawke aka Hudson Mo is a British producer and DJ, who takes hip-hop to a higher plane. At the tender age of 15, under the alias DJ Itchy, he qualified for the UK DMC DJ Championship Final. As a producer he received worldwide attention when he was put under contract at Warp Records in 2007. Shortly afterwards he released his first LP ‘Butter’. Since then, Hudson Mohawke is the name on everyone’s lips whenever pioneering productions in hip-hop are under debate. British newspaper ‘The Guardian’ called him ‘the new J Dilla’. He recently released his new EP ‘Satin Panthers’, another ground-breaking work, which bears the typical Hudson Mo signature: chipmunk-soul voice samples, relentless beats and pulsating synth stabs.

Ikonika (UK)

DJ-Set 03.00 h

Ikonika made her appearance in 2008, with her first release ‘Please’ on the famous Hyperdub label. She has been ranked ever since as an indispensable player on the UK dubstep scene, in which she has further established herself with more songs and remixes on the Hyperdub, Planet Mu and Warp labels. DJs such as Kode 9, Martyn, Mary Anne Hobbes, Gilles Peterson or Flying Lotus introduced her to a broader public. Her music is characterized by melodic synth bleeps and melancholic sub-basses, which she arranges in unorthodox song structures.