Shift Club

     Shift Club (Oslostrasse)

Opening Hours

Thu        20.30 – 02.00 h

Fri          20.30 – 04.00 h

Sat         20.30 – 04.00 h

The newly founded Shift Club at Oslostrasse is in the hands of our partner institutions: the Electron Festival from Geneva and the Swiss Electronic Music network.


Thursday: Performances Shift in Progress - Zaber Riders (DJ Set)

Electron Festival (headphone concerts) presents:
Reverse Engineering - Mimetic - OXSA - Bauchamp

Swiss Electronic Music presents:
Kali 1.618 & VJ Jynzé - JooLs & VJ Le Joerg - Dprojekt & VJ Suffix - Lipka & VJ Sigmasix

Thursday, 27. October 2011

Performances Shift in Progress

von Carmel Michaeli, Christine Hasler, Lior Pinsky

20.30 h, Performances

While Lior Pinsky creates a live experimental folk-minimalist sound composition from melancholic lullabies stemming from five parts of the world, Caramel Michaeli underscores her documentary about the body language of women with drums and vocals. Finally, Christine Hasler explores through her voice the presence, role and scope of her body.

Zaber Riders (CH)

DJ-Set 22.00h

The Basel-based DJ collective and party label Zaber Riders was founded in 2008 by DJs B-Movie Discomurder and Super Mario, and later expanded with the addition of two DJs, Pitch Mike and Mehmet Aslan. As well as getting attention at their first parties in Hirscheneck they have since gained a wider audience, especially thanks to excellent DJ mixes that continue to be published regularly on their own blog. The Zaber Riders were among the first DJs, in Basel, to take up the renascent trend of creating medleys using vocal and instrumental tracks from various music pieces. Today, however, they are more dedicated to their own productions, which regularly throw their audiences into ecstasy.

FRiday, 28. October 2011

Compiled by Electron Festival

Reverse Engineering (CH)

Live tbc 22.30 h

‘Reverse engineering’ describes the attempt to find out the operating principles of a technology by analyzing their states and structures. This method not only gave this band its name, but also describes its musical approach. The three Swiss David Pieffet, Alain Decrevel and DJ G Bart process numerous influences in their live pieces, which they sourced previously by analysing other pieces of music. These mainly include pieces from the fields of experimental electronics, old school hip hop and film music. This analysis forms the basis of their music, which could be described as hip-hop with a strong industrial impact.

Mimetic (CH)

Live tbc 00.00 h

Jérôme Soudan, the renowned drummer with ‘Von Magnet’ and composer for ‘Art Zoyd’, is pivotal to the Mimetic line-up. Soudan has worked tirelessly in many areas of electronic music for 15 years, for which he has gained widespread recognition in the scene. On his last EP ‘Grow Up & Wait’, released in 2011, he once again broadened his musical spectrum, but without sacrificing his trademark on its mix of driving rhythms, finely chiselled electronics and captivating atmosphere. He is currently working on a soundtrack for the next feature by underground film director Lech Kowalski, who came to fame above all for a documentary about the Sex Pistols.


Live tbc 01.30 h

Patrick Eichenberger aka OXSA is a pianist, turntablist and computer musician who overcomes the usual clichés of electro, IDM and drum and bass in his solo sets. His performances are characterized by versatility and precision, qualities that clearly put his work a good cut above average. OXSA is not only underway solo however, but also works with other musicians. He, along with Tim, Kino, Jalil and Thierry, rewrote his compositions for a performance with several musicians, which was presented at the Electron Festival in 2011.

Bauchamp (CH)

Live tbc 03.00 h

A native of Lausanne, Leo Ramseyer aka Bauchamp is known for his energetic live performances. Alone on stage, armed with a microphone, laptop and MPC drum machine, he celebrates an extraordinary mix of styles in which he combines experimental music, electro, gangster rap, R & B and techno funk. His productions have been released on Mental Groove, Viking Music, FoF (Friends of Friends, Los Angeles). Recently, he released the EP ‘Calypso’ on Made to Play, a collaboration with the Round Table Knights.

Saturday, 29. October 2011

Compiled by Swiss Electronic Music

Kali 1.618 & VJ Jynzé (CH)

Live tbc 22.00 h

Behind the pseudonym ‘Kali 1.618’ is a one-man project that kicked off in 2008. Initially, Kali 1.618 played violin for several years and then bass in a metal band. However, he was searching for new possibilities of expression and discovered them in the MPC drum sampler. Ever since, Kali 1.618 has experimented more in the field of electronic beats and synthetic sounds, which he often records live while improvising with synthesizers. Kali 1.618 is supported by the visuals of VJ Jynzé.

JooLs & VJ Le Joerg (CH)

Live 23.30 h

Since the early 90s, JooLs has consistently looked for new ways to avoid the usual conventions of electronic dance music. His music plays with elements of House, Techno, Dub Step and UK Funky, but is not so easy to pigeonhole. Jools insists that his music should be heard live. VJ Le Joerg, who grapples with abstract forms of the moving image in his main job as a filmmaker, delivers the visuals.

Dprojekt & VJ Suffix (CH)

Live 01.00 h

Dprojekt is a collaboration between pianist and sound engineer Daniel Gender and drummer Pascal Jean. In their live performances, they use drum machines, synthesizers, sequencers and drums as equal and independent instruments. Much like in jazz, the music is defined via harmony and spontaneously improvised rhythm structures. Luzern VJ Suffix supports the duo.


Live tbc 02.30 h

LIPKA was founded in Geneva by two school friends, Etienne Maître and Felix Landis. Maître initially spent a number of years as a member of ‘Derricksound’, a dancehall / electro DJ duo, while Landis wrote his own songs for guitar and piano for a few years. In 2009, they founded the live band LIPKA, which shifts between electro, pop and dancehall. SIGMASIX, who are also based in Geneva, will underscore LIPKA’s music with live visuals.