Shift Talks

Shift Talks are an opportunity for artists exhibiting or performing at the Festival and guests to meet and ... talk!


Friday: Shift in Progress discuss their work, Migros Kulturprozent Werkbeiträge

: Max Philipp Schmid, Atelier Hauert / Reichmuth, Michael Markert, Hörner / Antlfinger, Buchpräsentation, Maayan Sheleff, Tim Exile, Alexis O'Hara, Peter Keene, Julian Palacz

: Screening Jessica Manstetten programme 1

Friday, 28 October 2011

14.00 h, Shift in Progress exhibition, festival centre

Shift in Progress exhibitors discuss their work

Shift in Progress offers students at Swiss art schools a platform for works they have created on the Festival theme. Shift also continues its cooperation with foreign art institutions, launched in 2010, and is delighted to welcome as this year’s guest CCA – the Center for Contemporary Art, Tel Aviv. Which presents works by four students from Israel.

18.00 h, Lounge, Festival centre

Presentation of the DVD ʻSwiss Digital Culture and Media Arts – Edition 2011ʼ

Migros Culture Percentage presents a portrayal of four Swiss media art projects: The pioneers of media art etoy expand with TAMATAR 2.0 its digital death cult of MISSION ETERNITY about an installation with interactive sculptures. In SONIC TRACES: FROM SWITZERLAND the members of the network norient ask about an acoustic signature of Switzerland. The INFECTED ANIMAL project, which was designed by knowbotic research limits, experiences between biology and art in society. With the Internet project of the Association MYVOTE the 18 - to 24-year-olds are finally more interested in politics and elections. An Essay on the Frankfurt Art and Media Studies Verena Kuni complements the current publication.

Language: German

1 DVD, 45’, Published by Christoph Merian Verlag Basel, the trilingual (English, German and French) edition costs CHF 21.00 / € 14.00 ISBN: 978-3-85616-537-6

19.00 h, Lounge, Festival centre

Announcement of the Migros Culture Percentage Awards 2011 for ʻDigital Cultureʼ Projects

Each year, Migros Culture Percentage awards grants to aid the production of selected digital art projects, and Shift plays host for the forth time in 2011. The grants complement other funding activities maintained in this field by Migros Culture Percentage since 1998. An aperitif will be served after the award ceremony

Language: German

Saturday, 29 October 2011

14.00 h, Lounge, Festival centre

Max Philipp Schmid

In conversation with artist Max Philipp Schmid, whose work ʻDer Imitator ʼ can be seen in the exhibition.

Language: German

14.30 h, Lounge, Festival centre

Atelier Hauert / Reichmuth

In conversation with the artists Sibylle Hauert und Daniel Reichmuth, whose work ʻ V.O.C.A.L ʼ can be seen in the exhibition.

Language: German

15.00 h, Lounge, Festival centre

Michael Markert

In conversation with artist Michael Markert, whose work ʻkII – Kempelen 2.0 ʼ can be seen in the exhibition.

Language: German

15.30 h, Lounge, Festival centre

Hörner / Antlfinger

In conversation with artists Ute Hörner und Mathias Antlfinger, whose work ʻ Contact Callʼ can be seen in the exhibition.

Language: German

17.00 h, Lounge, Festival centre

Book launch

Dis/Connecting/Media. On the Technology, Practices and Aesthetics of the (Cell) Phone.Fixed-line telephone, mobile phone, Skype, iPhone – the once familiar ‹telephone set› has turned into a mobile all-rounder. Twenty cultural scientists and artists delve into the technology, practice and aesthetics of the telephone. Matt Adams, Regine Buschauer, Nicholas Knouf, Stefan Münker, Hansmartin Siegrist, Heike Weber and others explore in their articles an everyday object in constant change. The book "Dis Connecting Media" is published by members of the Pro-Doc-Graduate School "Intermediale Ästhetik. Spiel - Ritual - Performanz."

Language: German

17.30 h, Lounge, Festival centre

Maayan Sheleff

Maayan Sheleff, curator at the CCA Tel Aviv talks about video art in Israel. Sheleff also invited the Israelian art students that participate in this year’s Shift in Progress exhibition.

Language: English

18.00 h, Lounge, Festival centre

Tim Exile

In conversation with artist Tim Exile who performs in the Concert Hall on Saturday (01.00 h). He will talk about his software ʻThe Mouthʼ and ʻtimexile.tvʼ, his interactive project that allows users to participate in his concerts – also at Shift.

Language: English

18.30 h, Lounge, Festival centre

Alexis O'Hara

In conversation with artist Alexis O’Hara, whose work ʻ SQUEEEEQUE!ʼ can be seen in the exhibition (at the House of Electronic Arts, till November 13).

Language: English

19.00 h, Lounge, Festival centre

Peter Keene

In conversation with artist Peter Keene, whose work ʻRaoul Hausmann revisited ʼ can be seen in the exhibition (at the House of Electronic Arts, till November 13).

Language: English

19.00 h, Lounge, Festival centre

Julian Palacz

In conversation with artist Julian Palacz, whose work ʻ Algorithmic Search for Loveʼ can be seen in the exhibition.

Language: German

Sunday 30 October 2011

14.00 h, Lounge, Festival centre

Screening Jessica Manstetten: "there will be singing"

With Grace Jones, Daft Punk, France Culture, Björn Melhus, Leftfield and many others.
This programme can also be seen on Friday, 16.30h at Schaulager.